The legal framework for scaffolding in South Africa places an emphasis on safety in scaffolding operations. The legal framework provides a framework to undertake work safely. In operationalising the legal framework Pro Rise Scaffolding has undertaken a range of activities. 

Skills development and training 

Pro Rise Scaffolding invests in training its staff to provide an excellent service. A core part of that investment is training all staff to meet and exceed the requirements of the law. Every person working on the job will have received training. Moreover, erectors and inspectors will have the required Certificates of Competence. Due to these investments we empower our supervisors to make decisions at a site or plant level with managers of the project. 


Pro Rise Scaffolding does not simply treat compliance as a checklist. Our Standard Operating Procedures are aimed at meeting all the requirements of the standards for the sector. This includes ensuring that the required certificates and approvals have been completed as per specification. Specifically we aim to comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act  & SANS 10085. 


To achieve compliance, Pro Rise Scaffolding has certifications in the following areas:

  • She Rep
  • Legal Liability
  • First Aiders
  • Scaffolding Inspectors
  • Scaffolding Erectors
  • Working at Heights

Equipment Checks 

Before scaffolding hire stock reaches our client they undergo stringent pre-delivery checks. When stock leaves our yard it will be in good working order. This process is supported by our continuous maintenance system for our scaffolding hiring equipment. 

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