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Shutdown Maintenance Scaffolding

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Sep 15, 2021

Shutting down an industrial plant is always a last resort. Production literally stops. In South Africa the stakes are even higher due to low levels of economic growth and challenges posed by loadshedding. A skilled partner in scaffolding can assist in ensuring that shutdown maintenance is completed quickly, safely and affordably. Scaffolding plays a role in all aspects of the shutdown maintenance process.  

Usually shutdown maintenance is the last thing that companies want to do. No company wants to stop production. However, there are times when plant shutdown is required and can lead to increases in the longevity of the plant and ensuring that the plant is safe. Pro Rise Scaffolding is involved throughout the shutdown maintenance process through all the phases. 

Scoping Shutdown Maintenance 

(What to do)

The scoping process for any shutdown is crucial as one decides what work needs to be done and linking to goals for the company. Deciding what to do requires deciding what to test, replace, repair, defer the work or do nothing. In deciding on each of these packets of work,  factors such as safety, costs, salaries and overtime and the impact of lost sales must all be considered. 

Pro Rise Scaffolding respects the knowledge and expertise of plant managers in scoping work. In supporting plant managers we start by estimating the equipment needed and the skills needed based on the initial plan. 

Planning Shutdown Maintenance 

(How to do it)

Planning for shutdown maintenance requires taking account of lots of factors, including job tasks, duration and sequence. Importantly, the planning phase allows for decisions on resources needed and for detailed task assignments. 

 In terms of scaffolding, Pro Rise Scaffolding provides cost estimates, conducts risk assessment and ensures safety requirements are in place. 

Scheduling Shutdown Maintenance 

(When to do it)

Keeping the shutdown as short as possible is always a goal. The process of planning and scoping provides a level of certainty  in the project, however experience shows that unplanned work is inevitable. Pro Rise Scaffolding will be within schedules but ensures a 10% contingency in terms of personnel and equipment. 

Executing Shutdown Maintenance 

(Doing It)

When the rubber hits the road the importance of planning and working with clients and other contractors bears fruit. Our experience in working on shutdown maintenance projects shows that we are able to work within budget, to specification and to quality. This is achieved through a monitoring of solutions and constant adherence to safety requirements. 

Evaluating Shutdown Maintenance

(Evaluating It)

Once all the tasks have been completed, an assessment of the project will be undertaken. Pro Rise Scaffolding contributes to this process through providing feedback on costs, equipment and other factors that are part of monitoring. 

Working across these five phases is crucial to Pro Rise Scaffolding as it ensures that we are able to deliver services and products that meet the clients need, and support longer term working relationships. This is particularly important as South Africa’s economy is poised for recovery after the pandemic. Plants that have been under utilized during the pandemic will be brought back to full or near full capacity. Doing proactive shutdown maintenance may provide companies with an opportunity during this forced slowdown to conduct shutdown maintenance and prepare for an expected period of economic growth. 

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